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Authentic Education Consultant

Sawyer Henshaw (she/her) is a freelance writer based in Southern California. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Scripps College and a Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of San Francisco. Sawyer has worked in education for the past five years, teaching in Kindergarten, third, fourth, and sixth-grade classrooms across California. As an educator, she is dedicated to creating safe classroom spaces for students to feel seen, supported, and inspired by prioritizing equity and emphasizing in-depth understanding through the UbD framework. In her free time, Sawyer enjoys reading and writing literary fiction and taking her dog, Elk, on hikes.

Sawyer’s Work

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EdWeek’s “The Teaching Profession in 2022 (in Charts)” article by Madeline Will explored the challenges that teachers faced in 2022 and what it means for teaching and learning in 2023 and beyond. AE’s Sawyer Henshaw offers her take on how connecting with our students through the […]
In my last two posts, I explored examples of Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions (EUs and EQs) within units that I created using the Understand by Design framework. For me, however, appreciating the value of this framework and beginning the actual process of incorporating it into […]
Before I started planning math units using the Understanding by Design framework, I frequently found myself stuck on the bells and whistles of day-to-day activities. I worked hard to make math fun and engaging. Sometimes I’d incorporate a cool poster. At other times, I’d bring in […]

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