Monique Vogelsang

Authentic Education Consultant

Born in California, to a large, multiracial family, Monique earned a Bachelor’s degree in Black Studies from University of California, Santa Barbara. Upon graduating, she joined Teach for America and moved to New York City, where she taught in Harlem public schools — IS 172 and PS 76 — and earned her Master’s Degree in Teaching. Monique also served as a head teacher at The Dalton School, an independent K-12 institution in NYC, where she provided mentorship to associate teachers and bolstered equity initiatives, such as co-planning the annual Diversity Conference. Working with various non-profits —including Harlem Children’s Zone, Publicolor, and Creative Arts Workshop — Monique has experience teaching outside of the general classroom as well, successfully delivering an array of arts, after school instruction, and career programs to children and young adults.

Currently, Monique works as an educational consultant, speaker, and curriculum writer, developing culturally responsive, anti-racist curriculum for primary and secondary teachers — including an innovative Grades K-8 Racial Literacy Curriculum used by thousands of educators, as well as a soon-to-be released curricular partnership with Aperture and Angélica Dass, for her book, The Colors We Share. Working with schools and organizations across the country, Monique leads professional development workshops and consultations for academic audiences, from administrators, educators, and students, as well as other institutions committed to expanding their inclusive practices and anti-bias skill sets. She has facilitated workshops at national and regional conferences and associations, such as the NAIS People of Color Conference, NYSAIS, NJAIS, NWAIS, AISGW, and ISAS. 

With personal and professional experience with racially, socioeconomically, and culturally diverse populations, Monique is a proud advocate for multiracial alliances, the youth, and LGBTQ+ communities and voices.

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