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In my last post, I talked about my journey to understanding how language instruction fits into […]
A blog series exploring how AI chatbots are reshaping learning and what we can do about […]
  There is some understandable confusion about the goal of transfer. When we say we want […]
The critical goal of transfer. Arguably transfer is the aim of any education. Given that there […]
One of the most interesting and revealing questions on our survey of middle and high school […]
It being the fall, my thoughts have turned to soccer – a topic near and dear […]
Math – a big problem. I love math, but mathematics education is failing miserably. Don’t take […]
Can getting your youth soccer license educate you in how to teach for understanding?
Nobody can be a good reasoner unless by constant practice he has realized the importance of […]
When I was a soccer coach, I learned about transfer the hard way. The work we […]