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Jay McTighe and I have written a white paper on implementation of the Common Core Standards […]
I have in general been a fan of the movement toward national standards. There is obvious […]
In my previous two posts on standards, I pointed out that though we talk of “a” […]
Yet another document related to national standards has been released: the SMARTER balanced assessment consortium report. […]
As I have said numerous times in conferences and on this blog, I am a fan […]
I find it unbelievable that 20 years into the Standards movement you can count on one […]
Recently David Coleman and Susan Pimentel, the authors of the Common Core ELA Standards, issued what they […]
Math – a big problem. I love math, but mathematics education is failing miserably. Don’t take […]
How would you like to be competing on Master Chef as a novice where all the […]