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Results from our HS student survey
Apr 25, 2011
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Give students a voice and they tell us some very important things. Our ongoing survey of secondary student experience supports that basic tenet: students have responded with insight, clarity, and thoroughness on a mostly-written-response survey. Of the approximately 3000 students who were asked to take ther survey, more than 94% responded! And of those who responded, fewer than 2% left questions blank or responded with off-topic remarks.


A few caveats are in order:

1. This is NOT a random sample of American high school students. The 8 schools that participated were all in some way clients of or recommended by clients of Authentic Education. The demographics represented here are middle to upper middle class, including two elite private boarding schools.

2. Most students who responded did so in supervised sessions in computer labs. Approximately 16% of students responded outside of school via the Internet.

3. Note that 'least favorite' and 'most favorite' (and some other questions) involve relative terms. It does not mean, for example, that we can conclude that the most favorite is a subject students  greatly like or that the least favorite is a subject that they hate; this was just a relative rank order. However, in looking at the student comments that accompany the selections, it is clear that for the great majority of students the least favorite was, in fact, considerably disliked. (Sample replies to the many constructed response questions will be provided below soon).


More results will be posted soon, including sample student written resposnes in which they explain their choices. If you are interested in using the survey in your school contact me.

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Posted by: janice Micha
May 18, 2013
Do you have something similar for 4th grade students?
Posted by: Laurie Stevenson
Oct 20, 2013
Thanks for this Grant - I'm in the middle of a online course - called "Foundations in Online Learning", and am just finishing my research, before finalizing my one-and-only assignment, to convert a f2f lesson plan into an online lesson plan. I'm not a K-12 teacher... and am loving all the tools and state-of-the-art technology that is starting to hit the mainstream... Looking forward to having another look, when I don't have a deadline looming. Ciao.
Posted by: Janise Pierce
Jun 08, 2017
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Posted by: Sam Davidson
Nov 02, 2017
supply students a voice and they inform us some very important things. Our ongoing survey of secondary student experience supports that fundamental guiding principle: students have replied with perception, readability, and thoroughness on a commonly-written-response survey Of the about 3000 students who have been asked to take the survey, extra than 94% spoke back! And of individuals who answered, fewer than 2% left questions clean or replied with off-subject matter comments.
Posted by: anil yadav
Jul 14, 2018
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