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A Survey for Your Middle and High School Students About Their Learning!
Sep 09, 2010
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What do your students think  -

  • are the most engaging classes? Least engaging?
  • teachers should do more of? Less of?
  • helps them learn best? Hinders their learning?

These questions and others are included in our 19-question survey of 6th - 12th grade students. Do you and your colleagues want to know what students think about their learning? Gain FREE access to our survey of student views on their learning.

If you want to see the survey, download a pdf version of the middle school version.
If you want to direct students to the survey, send me an email and I will direct you to the survey:
All answers are confidential, and no school is identified by name or location. You will receive an EXCEL spreadsheet of your school's responses as well as a PDF of summary information, if you request either.  Look for a summary of all results in November.

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Posted by: Karen Miller (Kaiyln Miller)
Apr 02, 2013
Ms.Miller's child Kaiyln is failing tremendously in most of all of her subjects, Reading, Writing, Math,Science, and Social Studies. She went to Huntignton Learning, and Orion's Mind, and she still isn't even grasping hold to the learning an understanding what she is actually being taught. So Ms.Miller just wants us to help her daughter Ms.Kaiyln Miller on her assignments and her work, because she wants her daughter to succeed and do much, much better.
Posted by: Deb Rubio
Oct 28, 2013
Do you have one for high school? Deb
Posted by: Nicole Lanzillotto
Nov 16, 2013
Could you please email me a version of this survey for a 6-12th school? Such a great idea I'd love to implement it ASAP. Thank you! Nicole Lanzillotto Teacher-The School for International Studies Brooklyn NY
Posted by: Tracey
Feb 19, 2014
I cannot open you email, but would absolutely love to give your survey to my 9th and 11th graders! Could you email me the 9-12 survey, please? Thank you
Posted by: Tracey
Feb 19, 2014
Would love to give the 9-12 survey, please email me the pdf at
Posted by: brian wright
Jul 16, 2014
Hello, I am completing my dissertation at the high school level on students with learning difficulties. I may want to use a few of your survey questions for the survey I am developing. If this is a possibility for you could you please also send your high school version and any information on how you assessed the survey. Thank you, brian wright
Posted by: jazmin
Dec 10, 2014
you a ***!
Posted by: Katie Smith
May 06, 2015
I cannot get the link for the email to work. What is your email address so that I can send you a request for the survey link for my students?
Posted by: Bel basran
Jan 07, 2016
Posted by: Sherrima Speight
Feb 09, 2017
Hi Mr. Wiggins, Is this survey still available? Your email link is not working.
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