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Some great Internet links on assessment
Apr 18, 2010
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Assessment is always challenging - whether you are the student, teacher, or designer of them! In UbD training and consulting; in looking at curriculum maps; in viewing classes: we hear it over and over: boy, the assessment part is difficult.

It always helps to have examples to learn from and borrow. So, here are some of the better Internet-based resources available to you. Some of the sites teach about assessment; others provide samples. Make a special effort to check out the Georgia Frameworks: a database of model units, written in ubd format, culminating in pretty good performance tasks with good detail on how to implement them.
if you are interested in a few of my briefer, punchier articles on assessment and reform, go to Edutopia for a few examples:


Below are sites with assessment examples, guidance on developing them, and information on how to use them:


A site with links to documents on assessment design (for college teachers):


An Authentic Assessment Toolkit:


GA Model Frameworks – full units & detailed performance assessments


Arts Assessments (IL DOE)


English/Language Arts Assessments (IL DOE)


Foreign Language Assessment Tasks (IL DOE)


Mathematics Assessments (IL DOE)


Physical Education & Health Assessment (IL DOE)


Science Assessments (IL DOE)


Social Studies Assessment (IL DOE)


Social Studies Performance-Based Assessment tasks (WA DOE)


Guidelines for Local Assessment in Nebraska (NE DOE)


Balanced Assessment in Mathematics (Harvard Graduate School of Education)


Assessments in the Sciences – HS & College


6-Trait Writing Rubric NWERL


Rubric Bank (Chicago Schools)


Rubrics (Univ Of Wisconsin – Stout)


Rubrics for most genres of Writing (Greece, NY)


Recommendations for Developing Classroom Performance Assessments and Scoring Rubrics


P G County overview and design guide


U of Wisc Stout – Rubrics


Soc Studies Examples, Portland schools


Know of any other great sites on assessment (or other UbD topics)? E-mail me and I'll add them: Email Grant


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